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Plumbing Water Heater Repair & Installation
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Many times replacing parts in your existing hot water heater can help you save money by not replacing the entire unit. However, Smithfield Plumber Experts can install a new hot water heater or a new state-of- the- art, modern, tankless heater which is certainly friendlier for the environment.

A tankless water heater will only heat the water as you need it and will help you save money on your natural gas or propane bill. When you first turn on the hot water faucet the tankless water heater allows cold water to flow into the heater and move through copper and brass water ways referred to as exchangers where it is heated in seconds. The water temperature is set by you and remains constant. This prevents any burns because of scalding water. After use the tankless water heater turns off until it's used again. It is undoubtedly much better than a conventional hot water heater.

Tankless water heaters use much less space and will give more years of service than an older traditional water heater. Tankless water heaters don't store the water which means you don't get mineral deposits in them as you do in the conventional water heaters. They can give up to 20 years of service or more not like the conventional water heaters.